Many UK organisations need new ways of demonstrating: the value that they have added to the healthcare system today; and the flexibility and foresight that they have provided for the future UK healthcare economy. Healthy Infrastructure thus will deliver considerable benefits to many public and private organisations, these include:

  • Policy Making: Informing Department of Health policy development, based on robust assessment, evidence and independent academically expert appraisal that supports business case gateway review and other funding approval processes. This will deliver better quantified measurement useful to Government and policy makers on the equitable and sustainable distribution of healthcare infrastructures which can be used for future funding and procurement.
  • Improved Infrastructure Investment Assurance: Demonstrating and assuring that the Department of Health and Community Health Partnerships have delivered impacts (health gain, outcome and value) as a result of recent healthcare infrastructure procurement and significant capital investment.
  • EPSRC: Enhancing the impact of EPSRC funded research.
  • More Reliable Business Case Appraisal: Providing an appraisal mechanism for banks and other funders (such as the European Investment Bank and private capital investors and developers) that draws off international best practice in infrastructure planning, design, construction and operation. This will inform business case review and demonstrate ethical consideration in funding only those schemes that deliver the most value for tax and insurance payers.
  • Local Evidence Based Investment Decision Making: Supporting healthcare Trusts in effective public multi-stakeholder consultation, by providing information, evidence and visualisation on what is international best practice to support local decision making.
  • Supply Chain Evidence Based Learning: Learning and value-based knowledge sharing within LIFT companies and other healthcare planners, architectural and designers, which will present a common, independent and high profile demonstration of UK’s sustainable infrastructure procurement expertise.
  • Independent Accreditation and Value Assurance: Providing an independent and accredited value appraisal mechanism and service that supports infrastructure investment. The advantage of this exploitation is ensured robust assessment, supported implementation, continued mechanism development and up-to-date evidence maintenance.
  • International Best Practice Exploitation: Assist private partners to demonstrate the value of their infrastructure service offerings as independently assessed against international best practice, and provide evidence to support the international exploitation of UKs considerable expertise.

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