Who we are

Grant R. Mills (Loughborough University)

A senior researcher at Loughborough University since July 2002 investigating value and estates and facilities reconfiguration within a number of healthcare organisations. He has since 2007 been working as part of a unique and internationally leading collaborative centre – Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre (HaCIRIC). He has a growing healthcare research portfolio as co-investigator on 8 collaborative UK healthcare research projects valued at just under £2,000,000. These investigate: healthcare evidence based design, health scenario planning, integrated strategic asset management and master planning, health gain and sustainable infrastructure planning in healthcare. Areas of specialisation are healthcare value, lean process and quality management, advanced organisational and project stakeholder consultation, market planning, business management, operational research, strategic asset management and decision support, economic evaluation, service reconfiguration, healthcare service modelling and simulation, capacity planning, sustainable care pathway design, accessibility analysis and health gain/impact assessment.

Efthimia Pantzartzis

A healthcare architect and consultant, she is a Research Associate at Loughborough University, at the Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre (HaCIRIC). She is currently working on the EPSRC (European Physical Sciences Research Council) funded project ‘Optimising Healthcare Infrastructure Value through Enterprise and Knowledge Transfer’. She has successfully completed an MSc in Planning Buildings for Health at the Medical Architecture Research Unit (MARU) at South Bank University, with a dissertation on how to develop an appraisal system to measure efficiency in masterplanning of healthcare facilities. She has studied Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Bari and she graduated with a thesis on urban development as an aggregation of patios from residential housing to specialised building complexes. She has been working in the public sector on healthcare projects in the last five years in Italy, mostly on £4 million acute and specialised hospital project refurbishments and reorganisation of services at regional and local scale. She has worked at the European Topic Centre on Spatial Information and Analysis (ETC-TE LUSI) in Barcelona, with a Leonardo da Vinci scholarship, in support to the European Commission and European Environment Agency (EEA) member states in their attempts to achieve sustainable development and to improve their environment. She is a coordinator for safety and health matters at the project preparations and execution phases (D.Lgs. 81/2008). She has experience in private housing, retail and sport projects in Italy. She has participated to architectural project competitions and to international urban research workshops. She is registered at the National Board of Architects OAPPC of Bari and she is a SIAIS member.

Masoud Malekzadeh

Masoud Malekzadeh, a Research Associate in the project, is a qualified architect and holds a PhD from Loughborough University. His research interests include building performance simulation and optimisation. He received his PhD award in 2009 for his thesis titled “Positioning of outdoor space in house design – an energy efficiency and thermal comfort perspective”. In his earlier career, Masoud was a research assistant in Architectural Research Centre of IUST for 2 years right after accomplishing his Masters degree in Architectural Engineering in 1999. Then worked in the project of IKIA International Airport for another two years just before joining Loughborough. As a post-doctoral researcher, he was also involved in a 3 year project named “Predicted Vs. in-use performance of buildings”, which was received very well by both academia and industry. Within his current knowledge transfer project, Masoud is in pursuit of mathematical methods for modelling value in healthcare infrastructure.”

Miss Sameedha Mahadkar

Sameedha Mahadkar, a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Construction Management, is currently a researcher at Loughborough University within the Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre (HaCIRIC). Her expertise and interests include strategic estates planning, stakeholder consultation and engagement, change management, lean healthcare, tools for decision making and stakeholder engagement and aspects of strategic asset management.She is currently working on an EPSRC (European Physical Sciences Research Council) funded project aimed at developing a framework to support and improve healthcare infrastructure planning and integrated service provision within the healthcare sector through optimising decision making processes. She is also pursuing her doctoral studies in the same area. This project has mainly been driven by an action based research methodology and has entailed extensive industry collaboration with estate and healthcare planners, architects and policy makers. Past projects include a review of service reconfiguration and stakeholder engagement with a Local Primary Care Trust (PCT). This involved evaluating standards for stakeholder consultation practices and benchmarking these against various consultation exercises conducted by 149 PCTs in England. She has been part of a research team on a collaborative project with the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment and MARU (Medical Architects Research Unit), London South Bank University to investigate the innovative design of integrated health and social care service along with developing and testing an integrated and rigorous method for healthcare infrastructure planning which was funded by the Department of Health. She has recently been involved in co-investigating a project commissioned by the European Investment Bank which is reviewed evidence for the contribution of healthcare infrastructure investment to health gain.

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