Why should Healthy Infrastructure be a think tank?

Healthy Infrastructure is an institute that conducts research with its partners and engages in advocacy in areas such as therapeutic healthcare infrastructure design, evidence-based policy, strategic asset management, economic appraisal, and social return on capital investment. It is funded by the EPSRC through a Loughborough University Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) and so in the future will derive revenue from consulting, advance product development or related research.

Fundamental Healthy Infrastructure will trigger new ideas, so a think tank is an ideal vehicle. Healthcare is a complex sector, and so Governments, regulators, NHS commissioners/providers and their supply chains must share a common language and vision. A co-production institute (or think tank) such as this could help approach investment across the health system to deliver optimum health gains.

Healthy Infrastructure will apply action research, abductive reasoning and grounded thinking, and so will not just be about coming up with new ideas, but also about transforming them into practice. A think tank can help start this dialogue off, through the establishment of an insightful and engaging question and robust academic evidence-base; then consultation with wider stakeholders will integrate innovation and build judgement around future scenarios.

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